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healthy marigolds and in remembrance

What humans can eat is the flower part. But they repel garden pests so they are win win.

Mother Earth article about marigolds

My dad died November 4, 1954 – 56 years ago – amazing how time flies. I always remember the day though. Here are the things I did on this Nov. 4. I put up a bird feeder and Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal found it right away, but I didn’t get a picture of the Mrs. I went to the clinic to read for Reach Out and Read, but no kids showed up, so I enjoyed reading a book and magazine. I came home and wasted time on the computer and fixed food. I subscribed to the blog of Paul and Ann Malkmus (see link on right) and loved the idea of the Salad Bar. I will definitely be doing this in the future – what a time saver that will be! YAY!

tri-fold mat

I’d really like to make one of these thingies. I have the foam mattress, just a matter of cutting and sewing it.

(Nov. 3)

I cut this foam mattress we have into 3 equal sections and covered it as you can see. I think I’ll take off the plaid and replace it with a plain brown material. I like these tri-fold mattresses. I saw they are making foldable mattresses – easier to take from one place to another.

no-stitch lamp shade slip cover

I recently went to a thrift store bag sale and got a bunch of things for $6. A small shadeless lamp was one of them. Today I bought this shade at Big Lots. It fits fine but looks very plain. I looked for ways to make it more interesting, but I didn’t really want to paint, glue or sew, so I took the bandana and cut it. Works for me!!

Usung pinking shears, I cut a hole in the middle and trimmed all four sides.

I pretty much like the result. I can always replace it or not use it since I did nothing to the shade itself. I’m thinking of tying it with some beads instead of hair clips. (^_^)