the skinny on corn

The 700 Club has skinny Wednesday every week. That’s where I got the saying – just saying that corn may not be too good for us. The video explains some about corn.

Good website here that explains why and gives more links to further investigate.

When I eat my favorite snack, popcorn, I don’t feel better afterwards – just have a slightly dull headache and feel a bit sluggish, probably because the digestive system has to deal with excess load it doesn’t really need. (The free dictionary says “afterwards” is a word even though the spell check on here has a red line under it.)

Found an interesting web site – here it is. I will try to find out more information about corn. My thinking is that fresh corn on the cob is the greatest in the summer, but I should limit popcorn and not eat corn much if it’s not fresh corn on the cob.

We always used to grow sweet corn in the summer and my mom would freeze it – so tasty. So I think fresh or fresh corn frozen is good. My mom was quite a whiz at cutting the corn off the cob. I did it some too. Frozen applesauce was always so tasty too : ) We also had cherry trees and I got to pick the cherries, pit them and eat lots of them. We probably froze those too. We had a big freezer in the screened in porch off the kitchen. Even when my mom lived in a small apartment she insisted on having a small freezer. That is something I don’t care about. Now that we aren’t eating meat anymore (except salmon and other fish and a little chicken) I don’t really need one and never really wanted to keep a lot of frozen food. We are close to lots of grocery stores.

A photo taken this past summer of a cornfield near a place we visited.


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