earth clinic remedies (poor man’s cancer treatment)


Corn Husk Tea: Boil 8 corn husks in 2 pints of water for about 30 min. Strain and Drink and you have corn silk tea. Pour 2 cups of boiling water of 1tbl corn silk let simmer for 5 min. strain and sweeten. Drink as often as can save the silk from the corn when you make corn-on-the-cob. Both recipes are for the prostate problems.”

“Due to multiple food and gluten allergies, I’ve had a history of both constipation, and more recently chronic diarrhea. Psyllium capsules taken at night with a full glass of water, or between meals with a full glass of water has been a lifesaver. I find starting with 2 capsules a day of psyllium husk, then working up gradually by adding 1 or 2 capsules a day to a total of about 10 taken in divided doses of 2 or 3 at a time between meals with lots of water gives no symptoms of gas, bloating, or bad breath. After a week or two of this I usually back off to a small maintenaince dose of 3 capsules, which is about 2 grams of total additional fiber a day.

Unexpected side effects for me included the complete relief of menopausal type hormone flucuations and hot flashes because of the fact that the fiber binds to excess hormones like estrogen and escorts them safely out of the system before they can have side effects. For this reason I would recommend it to anyone who was suffering from hormone related cancers including prostate. It may also help in chemo therapy to bind to the toxins of the drugs that are used and to help remove dead cancer cells from the body. Also pysllium can be a lifesaver when a bout of food poisoning or flu occurs because it binds with the toxins that are the byproduct of the offending bad virus or bacterias. For ANY use of pysllium husks , make sure that after your body becomes healthy and regular, see if you can’t wean down on the number of capsules you take by substituting high amounts of quality fruit and vegtables into your diet, then let your body have a complete pysllium break and see how you do. You may have fixed the problem. For some of us who are allergic to many grains we just can’t get enough fiber into our normal diet and need to add a little extra. Another help has been to add additional enzymes like bromelain and papaya, to the diet to help properly break down foods and repair intestinal damage. It is important to note that pysllium is NOT a laxative and that your body does not develope a dependency on it, but it DOES bind to vitamins, minerals, and medicines so for that reason is best taken on an empty stomach at leaast 2 hours after food or medicine is ingested, and at least an hour before you eat again.

VERY IMPORTANT: Drink at least one extra 8 oz. glass of water for every 2 capsules taken!”

“Enlarged Prostate: Just today realized the offical corelation with Lemon Juice and hot water reducing prostate issues. I had noticed, when I drank this beverage vs coffee, no symptoms appears. Coffee tends to aggravate pain, with lemon & hot water reducing it, with almost immediate reactions, within one hour. I had always used it for cleansing mode or health binges. I also realized I had always drank fresh grapefruit juice daily, up until these issues surfaced. Guess it is time to start keeping it around again. I had attributed to other lifesyles changes I have made in the past few years. Know I know, better. Good luck everyone in your self-doctoring. Truthfully it works better, with correct knowledge. Thank You website creator from all of use whom use you as a reference.

“Pumpkin seeds (green, raw, no shells), sometimes sold as product Spanish name “Pepitas”, ‘ increase time between urinations due to an enlarged prostate condition. Also prevents getting up in the night to urinate. I had an estimated 30 min. to 40 min. between urination needs due to my enlarged prostate, about an hour if seated during that time. In the “Green Pharmacy” natural cures book, I learned that taking a small handful (approx. 2-3 Tablespoons) of the raw green pumpkin seeds increased my bathroom urination visits to 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours. The longer times when I tend to be seated at work or driving. Two years ago when I took a Teachers entrance qualifying test, I was able to sit through four hours of testing without getting up! I found that in about five days of initially taking pumpkin seeds, I didn’t have to get up at night to use the bathroom. I had been getting up once or twice a night, but now I sleep through the night. I was taking medication, but it had undesirable side affects. I stopped taking the medication, I see an urologist every six months, but my PSA still goes up periodically – I’ve had two episodes of tissue sampling. The benefit of medication is that you have an increased urination flow, unfortunately you don’t get that benefit with pumpkin seeds, and there are no side affects with pumpkin seeds. You must take them daily or the benefits cease in a few days. My urologist is aware of my use of pumpkin seeds and no medication. I am grateful to the Green Pharmacy book for this information – giving me a bit of relief. My friends who where skeptical have also benefited by not getting up at night and getting a good nights sleep.”

oral baking soda & Blackstrap molasses therapy

I am sure many people are interested to know what proportions of baking soda I used with the molasses. I started out with 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of blackstrap molasses and one cup of water. Not warmed or heated water. Just room temperature. Next day – same thing. Third day – same thing. Fourth day – same thing. I am feeling fine and decide to up the dose.

On the fifth day I started taking the solution twice a day. I also started taking better notes and finally got some pH paper and sticks so I could measure my pH. My goal was to get to 8.0 to 8.5 pH and hold it for 4 to five days. I read that cancer cells become dormant at pH 7.0 and 7.5 and kills them dead at 8.0 and 8.5. [ adds here an editor’s note that ‘both saliva and urine pH must be taken into consideration as saliva pH can at times completely fail to reflect blood pH’]. That was my goal. To kill them dead and hoping that bone cancer was a willing victim.


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