I’ve been reading the Bragg books and we are using it to have a more healthy lifestyle. It said to get the mucus out; don’t recycle it. I looked up to find which foods causes mucus. Here they are:

Dr. Robert Gray, a nutritionist, determined, through intensive testing that certain foods are mucus-forming and others are mucus cleansing. The foods shown to cause mucus are dairy products, white flour, meat, eggs, potatoes, beans, rice, grains, fish, peanuts and fats

from here.

Other things I learned from this article: Chew your food. Don’t eat when you are not hungry. Don’t eat large meals. Don’t eat starches and proteins together. Grapes and citrus fruits clean out mucus. Fast and juice.

from same website: Raw Diet Meal Plan

Due to the fact that I’ve had a mild bronchities condition for a few years now, I am ready to be done with it. Looks like I will mainly need to eat 2 things – fresh veggies and fresh fruits. I’m looking forward to getting freedom from the cough. yay!!

e-How article confirms this. Stick to fresh fruits and veggies. Pineapple is good too for bronchitis.


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