Day 3 of O2 cleanse

Well, here I am at day 3. I’ve done pretty well except I pigged out today on too many pecans. I think I can go one more day and then see what the next 2 weeks’ plan is. I’ve lost 1 pound since I started May 10. Very rainy here today. I walked around the shopping center outside for exercise. I was tired of all the rebound jumping I’ve been doing so walking is good.

Here’s a picture of me I took this morning. I like to mess around on and enhance the pics some. A baby and her caretaker were assaulted in Johannesburg, S. Africa. Today was a day to wear pink and pray for their recovery and that the criminals will be caught.

On 700 Club I watched a segment from a past Skinny Wednesday about a woman who lost muchos pounds and said the main thing she did was eat less and move more. Simple but effective! I am aiming to lower my BMI a couple points and loose around 10 pounds eventually and just eat healthily. I feel much better – no headaches from food : )


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