Day 2 of O2 cleanse

So far I’ve had my scrambled eggs (1 whole with 3 whites and 1 tsp. dried basil), 1 glass lemon water and 1 glass green tea. Actually, I make my own green tea from the herbs I grow around my house. The definition of green tea is tea leaves that haven’t fermented, so I’m supposing my tea is green tea. The snack of 1 sliced Granny Smith apple plus 1 tsp. cinnamon is eaten. That much cinnamon is better with a little water added, like yesterday.

Before I ate anything, I jumped on rebounder and exercised on my wedge for 20 minutes. I’m sort of tired today, but still want to get in 25 more minutes of exercise – can be walking, etc. Really need to clean house of all the clutter and dust : ( We could call it a house-cleanse : )

I also did my Bible study in I Chronicles and drove my daughter to work.

CBN video on O2 diet


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