Day 1 of O2 cleanse

I’ve been following it to a T and feel full actually. I’ve jumped on rebounder 25 minutes. 45 minutes of cardio exercise recommended. Plus, I’m writing it all down. My dear daughter finished her finals today, which is also the finish of her high school. She didn’t want me to take this pic but I did anyway.

Dear son is sleeping, as he works overnights. Dear husband is at doctor appointment, a urologist specialist to see if anything is majorly wrong – I am praying for a good report!!!

This morning while jumping I tried to find K-Love to jump to the music, but the reception was horrible, so I found a country music station. They were asking people to call in and tell of when something was lost then it was found. I remember something from the 6th grade so called in. I wasn’t on hold long and they listened to me tell of when I received a Gideon Bible in the 6th grade and lost it. 2-3 months later a friend found it in an outside trash barrel and gave it to me. So after I said this the DJ said “If holy words are thrown away, they’ll pop up most any day.” – Chuckle


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