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hanging tomato plant

earth star project – lots of good pointers

Here is my hanging tomato plant. I will probably grow more like this in future years. This was taken May 2. By now it is about 2 times larger. I put it in our screened in porch because it has been so cold and rainy.

updated hanging tomato plant put on side of shed where the sun is plenteous.

Cabbage Tofu Salad



1 small cabbage
1/2 packet of herbal tofu (if not available then plain tofu)
oil and vinegar dressing, as per taste
1 small green bell pepper
1 tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 teaspoon cumin powder (available in the Asian section of any supermarket or in the Indian grocery stores)
1/4 teaspoon black pepper powder
salt, to taste
cherry tomatoes (for garnishing)

Chop cabbage, Tofu and green bell pepper in long strips. Add all other ingredients and toss well. Can serve at room temperature or chilled. Tastes good either way.

Submitted by: Manjusha

Day 4 of O2 cleanse

Well, today I am following diet, except my mother-in-law and I went to Chick-fil-A and had a chicken salad sandwich. I will stay on the rest of the diet today. It seems the diet needs some beans and other fiber, but I do feel really good. I am looking forward to trying a bunch of her recipes and keeping a better journal when I get some copies made for it.

I’m looking forward to painting our shed. The white shed is ours and also some other gray sheds to consider for ideas.

Day 3 of O2 cleanse

Well, here I am at day 3. I’ve done pretty well except I pigged out today on too many pecans. I think I can go one more day and then see what the next 2 weeks’ plan is. I’ve lost 1 pound since I started May 10. Very rainy here today. I walked around the shopping center outside for exercise. I was tired of all the rebound jumping I’ve been doing so walking is good.

Here’s a picture of me I took this morning. I like to mess around on and enhance the pics some. A baby and her caretaker were assaulted in Johannesburg, S. Africa. Today was a day to wear pink and pray for their recovery and that the criminals will be caught.

On 700 Club I watched a segment from a past Skinny Wednesday about a woman who lost muchos pounds and said the main thing she did was eat less and move more. Simple but effective! I am aiming to lower my BMI a couple points and loose around 10 pounds eventually and just eat healthily. I feel much better – no headaches from food : )

Day 2 of O2 cleanse

So far I’ve had my scrambled eggs (1 whole with 3 whites and 1 tsp. dried basil), 1 glass lemon water and 1 glass green tea. Actually, I make my own green tea from the herbs I grow around my house. The definition of green tea is tea leaves that haven’t fermented, so I’m supposing my tea is green tea. The snack of 1 sliced Granny Smith apple plus 1 tsp. cinnamon is eaten. That much cinnamon is better with a little water added, like yesterday.

Before I ate anything, I jumped on rebounder and exercised on my wedge for 20 minutes. I’m sort of tired today, but still want to get in 25 more minutes of exercise – can be walking, etc. Really need to clean house of all the clutter and dust : ( We could call it a house-cleanse : )

I also did my Bible study in I Chronicles and drove my daughter to work.

CBN video on O2 diet

Day 1 of O2 cleanse

I’ve been following it to a T and feel full actually. I’ve jumped on rebounder 25 minutes. 45 minutes of cardio exercise recommended. Plus, I’m writing it all down. My dear daughter finished her finals today, which is also the finish of her high school. She didn’t want me to take this pic but I did anyway.

Dear son is sleeping, as he works overnights. Dear husband is at doctor appointment, a urologist specialist to see if anything is majorly wrong – I am praying for a good report!!!

This morning while jumping I tried to find K-Love to jump to the music, but the reception was horrible, so I found a country music station. They were asking people to call in and tell of when something was lost then it was found. I remember something from the 6th grade so called in. I wasn’t on hold long and they listened to me tell of when I received a Gideon Bible in the 6th grade and lost it. 2-3 months later a friend found it in an outside trash barrel and gave it to me. So after I said this the DJ said “If holy words are thrown away, they’ll pop up most any day.” – Chuckle

the day before the cleanse

Happy Mother’s Day to all!! My day was blessed so far. Our kids went to our church. Then we all went to m-i-l’s assisted living place to eat – was very scrumptious. I really enjoyed all the food. Tomorrow is the day I start the O2 cleanse – am looking forward to it because I know it will be good. Here’s my before picture, along with my niece and daughter, who both are in good shape.