cabbage juice

Well, I’ve gotten myself into a pickle. It seems ulcer is acting up – wakes me up in the night with tightness and bothers me all day. I will take some time to rest and trust God. I will go buy a bunch of cabbage. I don’t know what the deal is – too much stress for me, I guess. Sometimes things weigh on a person without them realizing it, I guess. The linked article gives very much information. I don’t want to have a bleeding ulcer, but I don’t want to go to the doctor either. The article says it takes about a month to get over a bad stomach ulcer condition going the hospital/medical route (plus muchos $$$$$) but with fasting and veg. juicing it is about a week. The stomach has time to heal within 3-5 days because that’s how often the cells renew so if I can fast and juice for that long I should be good to go : ) Hubby doesn’t want to cancel small church group, which we are starting up here, which I suspect is the source of all this in the first place, so I will press on and trust God to touch me and do my part with the diet and fasting. I’m thinking of my uncle and grandpa who both had bleeding ulcers – it can be a serious thing, so time to take some drastic measures and let the thing heal.

So glad Spring is on the way – still plenty gloomy out there, but at least the sun was out yesterday for a while.
I’ve been sewing some school bags for children in Tanzania – something I really enjoy doing!


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