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snow snow snow

I took this short video this past week – such a very cold week; thankfully, we will get a few warmer days this next week : )

happy new year

Is it ever cold here in the midwest. We are down to one car with 3 employed in our family. I have the job of cooking, cleaning and making sure hubby and teenagers get to and from jobs. Will be glad when we can get at least 1 more car. The one we hoped would last through the winter didn’t and is in our ditch with bad transmission. We need to get through this really cold spell to get another car and take care of the one in the ditch. Thank goodness it’s warm and cozy in our house. God bless all those homeless shelters who care for those out on the streets.

It’s a time for prayer and seeking God the first of this new year. We need to be on our guard and be diligent to pray and commit all to Him.

snowy woods