Companion Planting

I got this from a blog who got it from another blog, etc.etc.

– plant basil by the tomatoes

– Artemisias-(known as mugwort or wormwood)plant near cabbages to deter cabbage butterflies

– Horseradish-plant near potatoes for more disease resistant tubers. Use roots in dishes.

– Chamomile-acts as a tonic to ailing plants. Good as tea.

– Calendula or Marigold-attracts hoverflies (good bug) which eat aphids. Good as tea or for cracked skin and chapped lips. (You can eat the marigolds – I prefer the flavor of Aztec Type II.)

– Planting garlic with roses makes the roses more aromatic.

– Nasturtiums are a slug and snail trap, making it easy to find and remove them (and you can eat both the leaves and the flowers. I prefer the flavor of Alaskan).

– Many harmful insects don’t like smelly herbs

– Tomatoes and carrots thrive together.

– Celery repels white cabbage butterflies if planted near cauliflower.

– Onions and leeks repel carrot flies.

– Tomatoes don’t like potatoes or fennel. Garlic planted with tomatoes will repel red spider mites, and does well with chives, onion, parsley, marigold, nasturtium and carrots. Tomatoes will protect roses from black spot. Don’t plant tomatoes near corn or young apricot trees.

– Cabbage (and the cabbage family) does poorly if planted with tomatoes, strawberries or pole beans.

– Sweet peppers do well with basil and okra.

– Broccoli does well with potatoes, beets, onions, and other members of the cabbage family.

– Potatoes do well with peas, beans, cabbage, corn, or strawberries. They’re especially helped by peas. They don’t like cucumbers or tomatoes.

– Carrots don’t like potatoes, but they do well with chives, peas, leaf lettuce, onions, red radishes, and tomatoes.


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