lettuce, radishes, cucumbers

grow lettuce successfully
how to grow lettuce
the lettuce factory
Univ.Mo extension

from GardenWeb

How to sell, price and package loose leaf lettuce?

Sell 1/2 lb of lettuce in plastic bag for $3.00 (in the spring when everybody has lettuce and late fall and early winter $3.50).

One head to a plastic bag, or two to a bag if small heads – $3 per head/bag – bread bags – from bakery supply.

Cut the heads and dunk in three different buckets of water to clean; place in upright in plastic trays six inches deep, 12 to a tray. Use clear plastic trays with locking lids, 6-8 inches deep, 18 inches across and 2 feet long.) Harvest just before the market.

Trays good for transport; can stack them if the lids are on.

Lettuce – Lactuca sativa
Grow near Radish, Kohlrabi, beans, carrots
Don’t grow near celery, cabbage, cress, parsley
Mints (including hyssop, sage, and various “balms”) repel slugs, a bane of lettuce and cabbages

how to grow radishes – Mother Earth News

how to grow cucumbers

cucumbers – Cucumis Sativus
companion plants – Nasturtiums, radishes, marigolds, sunflowers peas, beets, carrots, and Dill
Beneficial for ground beetles don’t plant near Tomato, Sage



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