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I’m getting really frustrated with this dog’s problem. The benedryl doesn’t seem to be stopping the problem. I hope it’s not mites – I hate to put a bunch of money into this dog, although she is now like a family member. what to do – what to do? She is now on a mostly real food diet – raw chicken, raw eggs, flax meal, oatmeal, garlic powder, grated carrots and some store-bought healthy food as well. She’s happy, but the mange isn’t clearing up. Her immune system was no doubt bad because of the yuck dogfood she was getting – she would hardly eat it, but now she is getting healthier as far as her food goes.

Lots of good remedies on the above earthclinic link. I will start trying some of them:

Mark from Jacksonville, TX writes: “1 part water soluble sulfur, 1 part calamine lotion, 1 part aloe vera liquid:

mix in large pot, add 1 gallon sterile water,and bring to slow boil. reduce heat, and simmer 20-30min. Let cool. Wash dog with solution let air dry on animal, do not towel off. Works in 1-2 treatments shows results in most cases within 1st. week. Complete recovery within 3-4 weeks. Remember not to allow re infection by removing old bedding,and spraying area with good insecticide. Keep animal and family healthy by good hygiene practices.”


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