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I decided to start a new blog for nature and everything else – – 51 – because I was born that year.

healthy marigolds and in remembrance

What humans can eat is the flower part. But they repel garden pests so they are win win.

Mother Earth article about marigolds

My dad died November 4, 1954 – 56 years ago – amazing how time flies. I always remember the day though. Here are the things I did on this Nov. 4. I put up a bird feeder and Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal found it right away, but I didn’t get a picture of the Mrs. I went to the clinic to read for Reach Out and Read, but no kids showed up, so I enjoyed reading a book and magazine. I came home and wasted time on the computer and fixed food. I subscribed to the blog of Paul and Ann Malkmus (see link on right) and loved the idea of the Salad Bar. I will definitely be doing this in the future – what a time saver that will be! YAY!

homemade muesli

After learning it’s best to eat nuts raw I’m not making granola anymore. I will work with muesli. The link tells a lot about muesli. It should be soaked before eating, at least 1/2 hour.

Muesli bars

muesli recipes

Hopefully I won’t be buying any more muesli at $4-5 per bag – just too much to pay. It takes more time to make things at home, but so worth it.

sewing and giving

I’ve been sewing when I get time. I like to make bags for Hearts in Unity – they have so many groovy projects going all the time and are so grateful for whatever is donated to them. I like to collect material and make these bags they send for schoolchildren in Tanzania. A few months ago I sent them 42 bags. I also am making sleeping bags for the homeless I can give to homeless shelters here in town, so probably won’t be doing so many bags this time. The other bag shown is just a bag I made for fun. Sometimes I store blankets or towels in them.

I’ve been playing dominoes with assisted living friends once a week. Today Helen told me today was her 90th birthday. I knew it was coming up because she always likes to tell us her upcoming age. I went and got her a card and some lotion but took a picture of them first before I went back and gave them to her. Happy Birthday dear Helen!!!


We have this nice crabapple tree we planted a few years ago. I never thought about using the little crabapples on them at this time of year. This video shows someone juicing them. yum

Yesterday (Nov. 2) was washing the windows and crabapple day. I am bushed today from all that window washing inside and out. But praise God now I don’t have to look out the yucky front window. Here’s the view:

The crabapple tree is pretty this time of year. This morning (Nov. 3) I juiced some crabapples and Romaine lettuce like in the video above. Way too bad – about made me sick. I won’t try that again. I don’t really want to make jelly out of it because of all the sugar so I may leave these nice looking crabapples to the birds, although they aren’t eating them.

Last, a couple more pictures of our outdoors. Pineapple mint and then where I planted some garlic and shallots. Also, our fall banner blowing in the wind.

horseradish fights cancer

see this article Looks like horseradish is a winner!!!

another good thing to try sooner or later – making my own horseradish sauce how to here

I wonder how hard it is to grow your own horseradish. They say it is very hardy, so maybe not so difficult. It grows tubers underground and has to be shoveled up, not pulled. Here we go – how to plant horseradish. It’s not too late this year to plant it. It needs full sun so now I need to know what its companion plants are. Companion Planting – good to plant it near potatoes and to use the bottomless pot method to contain it. a wealth of information here!

more on how to grow it

This one says you can eat the leaves in sandwiches (^_^)

tri-fold mat

I’d really like to make one of these thingies. I have the foam mattress, just a matter of cutting and sewing it.

(Nov. 3)

I cut this foam mattress we have into 3 equal sections and covered it as you can see. I think I’ll take off the plaid and replace it with a plain brown material. I like these tri-fold mattresses. I saw they are making foldable mattresses – easier to take from one place to another.


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